Never Miss a Sales FollowUp

Most of our Sales Agents are intelligent enough to never miss a Sales FollowUp because they know that follow-ups are the road to revenue. But, as their workload increases humans have a tendency to do just that, miss a Sales FollowUp.

It’s not that the Sales Agent is not smart enough, but there is just that much Brain Function we have left. That is we cannot scale huge numbers and also be smart. Hence, having a personal assistant to remind you on your meetings, schedules, reminders is awesome. But most of our Agents are on the move or never could immediately pick up a phone when it rings, we need to be creative about that Personal Assistant.

And also adding a Personal Assistant (human) is adding another level to the same problem. Again the Follow-Ups gets missed due to human error.

Never Miss a Sales FollowUp

What if this could be fixed by having an automated System? Yes, there are numerous Calendar Apps which do it so when you are on the move, you know just what you would have to know about the schedule and can be prepared before going there. But having another system for Sales FollowUps which is other than your CRM worth your while. No, no it definitely isn’t. You would still have to dig through your CRM to know about the Customer, you cannot duplicate everything from CRM to the Calendar App.

What if your CRM itself reminds you about your Sales FollowUp, and not only that, it gives you alerts based on your current location, the knowledge about the Customer etc., When you get an alert you can directly dig into the Customer and his current status and then prepare yourself for the meeting within a few minutes. Would you not be very much attracted towards this kind of a solution.

Then, you need SOCAmps Mobile CRM, it not only provides a unique perspective of the current Sales Deal running between you and your Customer, but also provides you ways to create Meeting Schedules and advanced alert configurations, such as Location based alerts, entire Conversation history between you and your customer, any tips from your superiors on handling the Sales Deal, any tips from peers on stuff to discuss and get opinion from the Customer and so on and so forth.

The Intelligent Location Alert system alerts you a few hours before when it tracks that you a little far from the actual place where the meeting is scheduled. Like when you are in San Diego and have to go to San Francisco for the meeting, it alerts you way ahead such that you can actually travel to San Francisco. This kind of pro-active Sales Planning is available via SOCAmps Mobile CRM.

Every Sales Agent will be personally in touch with his trusty Notebook (or Evernote) whichever is convenient enough for you. Because this is where his contacts, his conversations (discussions) with customers, tidbits on cracking Sales Deals and most probably whichever becomes the prime most possession of every Sales Agent. Every now and then these Notebooks or Evernote have a little bit of chaotic thing about them such that when you want to know about one particular Customer, it is just a nightmare to easily find them. May be I am just clumsy in my usage, but the problem still remains for plenty of Sales Agents. And the notes entered in them are not automatic and don’t carry an artificial intelligence to do as we please. Hence, a software which is focussed on dealing with this and also relevant to our Sales Cycle is essential.

SOCAmps Mobile CRM is just one such step towards the clearance of that messy data.

Featured Image Courtesy: Garry Knight

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