Every Sales Deal is Team Work

All sales deals end up in taking a great deal of work from various stakeholders, this means you can never ignore the saying, Every Sales Deal is Team Work!

Every Sales Deal is Team Work

We at SOCAmps know that every sales deal is a team work. The team comprises of the one who generates the leads (Marketing), the one who follows up with the lead to convert him to sales (Sales Agent), the one who fulfils the deal (Shipment Officer or Delivery Manager) and then the Collector (Payment Realization Agent). In some firms the above roles are played by one person, but in several firms the roles are played by many different persons, and the knowledge of the deal is lost in crevices.

The Marketer

If you think about the role played by the Marketer, do think of the quality leads which the marketer brings in. If the marketer works his magic in various irrelevant places, you will definitely get plenty of leads, but they would be not upto the mark. For example, if your lead is looking to take a photograph and is actually aiming at a professional photographer, he would definitely be a lead if you are a photographer. But if you are salesman selling professional digital cameras, then that would mean this customer is not a lead. So when you waste a time with a potential unqualified lead, you tend to lose focus on the ones you need to worry about. So a marketer is vital for the success of your Sales Process.

The Sales Agent

If the Sales Deal is assigned to an agent who is very busy (has a lot many leads to handle), then it becomes as difficult for this Sales Deal to close as it is for him/her to close any other Deal. The Agent becomes overwhelmed, burned out and whatever you want to call it. Not because if he/she was incapable, but he/she was bombarded with stuff that flies over their head. So it is vital to catch the right Agent for the right Sales Deal and also to find an Agent who can accommodate the deal and take it to closure.

The Shipment Officer

The Sales Deal after much deliberation and successful taking of the order should still go through the capable hands of an expert shipment officer such that he delivers the product in an agreed upon date and time such that the Customer is happy and continues the Sales Deal to fruition.

The Collector

If everything else goes right and you don’t collect the proper revenue which you owe, you are still in the red. So a wonderful Payment Collector is part and parcel of your Sales Team. Thus ensuring you create Sales Deals and take them to wonderful closure, which means money on the wallet.

SOCAmps Mobile CRM makes sure the entire team is involved in the Sales Deal and their conversations with the customer and within each other is maintained, monitored and managed for a successful deal. Involving all the interested parties within the Sales Cycle ensures that the Customer Experience is crystal & the bottom-line is always improving.

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