SOCAmps Mobile CRM Presented to BNI Crown Chapter

Our Founder, Jay, (Jayavasanthan J) is a member of a prestigious Organization called BNI (Business Network International). Jay is part of BNI Crown Chapter in Chennai (Region A), Tamil Nadu, India. He attends the Business Breakfast Meetings every Thursday at 7:30 AM. Jay presented about SOCAMps Mobile CRM in his Feature Presentation.

This week Jay, had his feature presentation scheduled to present about his business. Jay chose to highlight and showcase SOCAmps Mobile CRM to his fellow members, to be able to go out and scout for Referrals for the Mobile App.

What is CRM?

Jay started off the presentation by defining CRM. CRM – Customer Relationship Management Software which helps any Sales Organization to keep abreast with their Customers and to cultivate more business from existing as well as new Customers in the market.

Why Mobile CRM?

In broader strokes he mentioned the need for a Mobile CRM. The points he made were took quiet wonderfully by the crowd with the audience really appreciating the need for a Mobile CRM in their or any other fellow businesses. The points made were,

  1. Mobility of Sales Agents necessitates a Mobile CRM
  2. A replacement for the Trust Notebook which every Sales Agent carries
  3. Generation of instant Reports such that the Sales Supervisor and the Sales Managers are happy

What is SOCAmps Mobile CRM?

SOCAmps Mobile CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software served by a SaaS backend (CRM Console) to each and every Sales Organization’s own Smartphone. Making it simpler to follow-up and update Sales Agent’s activities easily on the go from anywhere and at anytime.

Definiing a CRM and explaining about SOCAmps was a big hit in the audience. The SOCAmps feature list explained by Jay were,

  1. Focus on Conversations between Sales Agent & The Customer
  2. Reminders & Follow-ups made easy
  3. Instant Addition of Sales Deals and their relevant Status Updates
  4. Adding Lead Generation capabilities into the website and the Mobile App easily

Live Demo

A live demo of the SOCAmps Mobile CRM with a Demo Login (embedded within the App) was well received by the audience. Here are some of the screenshots of the Live Demo.

Target Audience

The business end of the presentation focused on the Target Audience for the SOCAmps Mobile CRM product. With varied discussions on the verticals the fellow members had to follow, the focus audience were splitted as follows:

  1. Traders & Retailers
  2. Insurance, Mutual Fund Agents
  3. Solutions & Service Providers
  4. Generally Businesses who have Repeat Customers

How to spot a Referral

This was a primary goal of the presentation to train the fellow BNI Chapter members to spot the referrals for SOCAmps Mobile CRM. These are the situations presented for them,

  1. CRM is vital for any organization, if CRM is not there in any business
  2. Very Late in Follow-Up
  3. Frustrated with current CRM
  4. Mobile Sales Agents suffering
  5. No Sales Reports, No Understanding of How much Business this Week, This Month, This Quarter
  6. Don’t know how to Scale Sales Team
  7. Payment Collection is Lagging

Special Offer for BNI Crown Chapter

Jay ended the presentation with a whopping special offer for Customers Referred via the BNI Crown Chapter. This was the most exciting part of the entire Presentation and was taken to heart by the Members.

Here is some of the pictures of the presentation!

App Video

The App How-to Video was introduced for the target audience and was quiet a hit. Here it is embedded.

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