Top 5 Features of SOCAmps CRM

Our SOCAmps CRM is a Business friendly SaaS product whose sole purpose is to deliver solutions in sales division. Because revenue sector is what keeps the Businesses alive and for that reason, a Business has to have good command in sales division. That is great teamwork between Marketing team, Sales team and Delivery team.

But there may arise a gap between any one of the teams, which will eventually bring them a loss of a sale. And every sale is important for a Business. So to fill in the gap, we bring our software solution (ie) SOCAmps CRM to the table, to provide answers to the unending chaos happening in your sales sector.

So let’s see how our SOCAmps CRM helps you in the sales process.

You will never miss any Leads

Your sales agents are careful enough to not to miss out on any potential leads. But it is not possible to catch up on all leads in a timely manner. They may miss one or two targets while concentrating on the others. So to give careful attention to all the possible leads, they need to be organised in their work.

Here our SOCAmps CRM helps your agents, by the timely reminders of their follow-ups on leads. So if even they forget due to stress or some other issues, this helps them to be on-track again. Moreover, your agents can plan beforehand and strategize their meetings. This makes them organized in their work and also close the deals in a stress-free way.

Complete Sales Cycle Management

You can now manage your entire sales cycle, starting from lead generation to delivery and payment of your product.  Because we believe tracking of your sales process helps you to learn more about the methodology your teams follow. Also you can learn where the gap or friction occurs so you can rectify it in the coming days.

Intelligent Location Alerts

Time is very important when we are dealing with our Business Partners. So if we arrive early for a meeting, it naturally helps us to calm ourselves and prepare for an organised talk. Because good talks always lead to good partnerships. Here our CRM alerts you a couple of hours before any meeting. So if you are travelling cities for a Business meeting, it helps you to carry things forward with calm and clear mind.

Customer History

Your customers are always with you through our CRM. Your past, current and future ones. Because all your customers information are permanently stored in the CRM. So you know their demands, expectations and wants. Also you know how to retrieve your old customers by tracking their customer life cycle with you. Moreover, part by part analyzation of the sales cycle is also shown through charts, to accurately pinpoint your sales process.

Customer Analysis & Trends

As said before in the previous para, our CRM breaks down the reality of your sales process and show you the results. These results mirror what is working with your customers and what not. In short, your progress of the company. So the graphical representations, helps you to gain insight over where you are lacking or improving as a whole team. This helps you lay a more stronger foundation and deliver according to the statistics.

So these are our top unique and peculiar features of our SOCAmps CRM. Give it a try and you will know you have taken the right decision. Register NOW..!!

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