How SOCAmps CRM Works – An Introductory Video

Here is our┬áSOCAmps CRM – A video Guide, a walk-through to know how our SOCAmps CRM works.

There will be definitely an unspoken pressure, among the sales team, to close the sales deals and bring in the numbers. Also they have the huge responsibility to collect data and record them to track the progress of their sales.

Back then when they were using Laptop to enter the details, it must be quite hard for them. Because every now and then, they have to open their device to record the details. Else, they have to do at the end of the day, after collecting them separately in their journal. Whatever the process, it required a lot of manual work and time.

Hence  to eliminate this laborious style, we have come up with an effective way of handling this process. Because our goal is to save your time and smartly encounter your potential leads.


So start an account with our SOCAmps Mobile CRM now to handle all your sales with just a touch. Everything you need to enter, just requires a touch and the rest is taken care of.

At the end of the day, you will have your sales report on the screen without any setbacks. Thus it is easy for your Managers or boss to track your work and have a unified rapport on your sales.

So now record everything in an single go and see the change in your sales unit.

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