Why Inbound Marketing is not working?

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a strategic way of selling your product, without really selling them in person. Which means, you are marketing your product to your target audience, to make them come to you, to learn about your product first.

It is mostly Content Marketing to attract their target audience, by creating relevant content of their products and services. Then the content is on air for audience on their blogs and also on their respective social media platforms.

Also Business people choose Content Marketing over Outbound Marketing as it is very cost effective with constructive goals.

But why Inbound Marketing doesn’t work for some Business?

The foremost reason is failing to create a Proper Strategy. Also means that, your foundation is not set strong. Therefore, it is essential to plan your destination, before deciding to go ahead with the process. That is to say, keep your websites and social platforms ready and live to start with content marketing.

Second, not designing a Proper Process Flow. You may have a strong team in analyzing the strategies but without actions, it doesn’t work. Because the process of carrying out the strategies in order, as well as to put it in the right place, is very important. Therefore it requires good team coordination to carry out the tasks as planned. So design a proper process flow and enlighten your team members on the importance of it.

Third, You are not having the right persons to write quality content for you. Besides that, it is more than essential to have a person who speaks your brand and style. As you know competitions are now more severe in content marketing field. Therefore, your writing style should be unique and flawless. Also make sure that all your contents are SEO optimized. Because, from email marketing to social media marketing, your content is going to create impressions and be the deciding factor.

Fourth, Inconsistent Content Marketing. That is to say, you are not being so regular in updating your contents and news. This possibly causes your targets to move over to your rivals. Because your potential Business partners are always in search of solutions. And at this crucial time, if you fail to update your content, you will lose your customers. So avoid content marketing if you don’t find the time for it. Also you can’t track your results through content marketing, if it’s not going to be consistent.

Finally, Your Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing aren’t in Sync. Whether Inbound or Outbound, the message you want to communicate should be very clear, sharp and consistent. It’s not okay to confuse your prospects, as they may nullify your efforts of bringing potential clients. So if you decide to go ahead with both marketing tactics, always deliver your same content and goal.


There may be many other reasons, in addition to the above said, for the failure of Inbound Marketing. Say, not keeping yourself updated with current requirements, not following your rivals’ tactics keenly, also not enough preparation, etc.

So the solution is to analyze in all the directions, to know what is going wrong with your Inbound Marketing. Besides, Marketing is a team effort, where everything has to be in the right place at the right time.

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