SOCAmps Mobile CRM

SOCAmps is a Conversation Platform which would enhance a Business’ existing Conversation with their Customers & Project Stakeholders.
SOCAmps Mobile CRM is the brain-child of Mobile Developers who see the pain of Mobile Sales Teams who after being on the road for so long are expected to sit in front of a computer to fill-in status. Why go to a Desktop/Laptop, when you have a handy Smartphone at your disposal. Be Smart, use a smartphone to work, talk, discuss, decide and generate more revenue for your company.
SOCAmps is proud to be associated with Businesses who challenge the status quo and are ready to take on the Smartphone era.

SOCAmps Mobile CRM - Mobile CRM for Mobile Sales People

The Company

JKL Technologies is all about passion for development. We are a Mobile Development Company who have found a way to produce software which every business needs. The SOCAmps line of products is a brainchild of Mobile Developers who realized the power of Conversations when nurtured in the heart of any Customer Relationship either in Sales.
Be Smart, use a Smartphone!

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The People

JKL Technologies is about identifying the team which works for the common goal, as well as finding the right job for the team. Our team is a bunch of rag-tag developers who are good at what they do and they are proud of it. They are the ones responsible for what the company is today. We want more people who are passionate about what they do.
Our doors are always open for the right candidate!
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