SOCAmps CRM Features

SOCAmps CRM provides a wide range of features to be used by a Business to organize and work with their Sales Team. For a Sales Team it is a wonderful boon to have a single place to manage all their Sales. For a Sales Supervisor it gives that much needed hands on, but hands off approach which enables ease of use and knowledge sharing through the software for the entire team. Thus providing a one place for enrichment of knowledge regarding the sales in the organization.

Never Miss Followup Schedules
Never Miss Followups

Sales Agents are intelligent enough to never miss a follow-up, as they know Timely follow-ups means more Sales. With scale memorizing these TODOs are very taxing. Hence, having a PA to remind your follow-ups is a boon. More stress free they are, More Sales they close.

Every Sales Deal is Team Work

All Sales Deals are Team Work. Team constitutes Marketer, Sales Agent, Delivery Manager and Payment Collector. Sometimes all knowledge about Customer is just lost between the lines. With SOCAmps Sales Conversations model, customer knowledge is stored and reused by the whole Team.

Sales Team
Location Alerts
Intelligent Location Alerts

Sending an Alert to a scheduled meeting is easy. Sending the Alert at the right time which needs the attention is Hard. In SOCAmps, we have enabled Location based Intelligent Alerts. Like Alerting a few hours earlier for a meeting in San Francisco when your current location is San Diego.

Complete Sales Cycle Management

Focus of some CRMs are within the space of lead generation and follow-ups and some on Invoices and Payment. With SOCAmps Mobile CRM, you can manage the entire Sales Cycle of your organization. This enables better Customer Experience & better retention of the Customer.

Complete Sales Cycle
Customer History
Customer History

Knowing a Customer’s History can not only help manage their expectations but also have smooth sales cycle. SOCAmps enables compartmentalization of the Sales Cycles and maintains the history of Sales Deals. Thus enriching Sales Agent providing the right detail at the right time.

Personal Reminders

Every sales person needs a personal reminder. It could be something like a reminder to generate that quotation for ABC Limited or just a personal reminder to update the CRM itself. Instead of using a Secondary App for reminders now you can use the SOCAmps Mobile CRM itself.

Meeting Reminders
Customer Analysis & Trends

An owners dream is to have proactive numbers on the months or the quarter or the year ahead. This gives him the liberty to plan ahead future investments. SOCAmps provides a comprehensive analysis of what works with Customers. A report on your valuable customers and customers with less fuss.

Sales Reports

Sales Manager’s first thing on mind is the Sales Report they produce the Owner at the end of the day & How proactive can they be in those numbers. The next thing is how to hound his team for their Sales numbers. With SOCAmps the hounding part is effectively removed.

Sales Reports